Trying to orient a year of your life along the lines of a word, three words, a motto… It’s one of those things that have become so popular, I rather hate the idea.

I don’t even like to make personal announcements here anymore; this blog may follow my interests and experiments, but I don’t want to make it about me.

I have, however, realized that this idea of a motto for the year could perhaps, along the lines of conventional wisdom and stereotypes hiding kernels of truth,  help me.

In the spirit of that thought, here goes:

Don’t fear. Get it done.

It’s not that I’d consider myself particularly fearful. Not even that I think fear is my biggest problem.

However, there is the experience that pretty much everything I have recently worried about and then done has been a good experience and/or made for a good memory.

Some things, I have managed and put out (like blog posts here and videos on YouTube). There, it is only too easy to remember the lack of feedback and the negative comments.
But, there have also been good results, kind inquiries and great words of encouragement. (Thank you to everyone who provided any of those!)

There are also ideas and projects I have been working on off-and-on (and much more off than on) without getting any of them finished.
For those, I have that nagging thought that maybe, just maybe, one of the reasons for my lack of progress with them a is fear that they will not turn out good enough, will not contribute anything positive to my life, will not lead to the breakthroughs I seek.

That may all well end up happening, and if I were trying to do them for fame and fortune or anything like that, it would be rational to test the support for them and (more likely than not) to let them be.

I have already, whenever I got into the work on it, learned a lot from the process of work on those projects, however.
I have seen at least an inkling of interest in them.
And I will not live well with myself unless I, finally, see them through to a finish.

After all, what good is giving up on something you haven’t honestly started?

And again, in thinking about the finish line, I wonder if what is holding me back isn’t just that I fear giving myself over to these projects, really committing.
And then, trying not to try too much, nothing goes on, I feel unmotivated, the passion is lacking, and it depresses me.

The spark isn’t there.

Except, whenever I turn back to those ideas, start working on them again, in the middle of the grind it is, I find myself thinking about the issues and talking about the themes with passion.

Oh, sure, I may still finish manuscripts and never find a publisher; self-publish and never draw a readership; create videos and get stupid comments.

If I don’t even get to the point where this becomes relevant and obvious, however, it’s like those projects are seedlings that have sprouted, have developed for a while – and that I deliberately put into the shadow and left to wilt.

Time to move them back into the light, care for them – and if need be, also to prune them.


Don’t fear. Get it done.

And for the start, tell me if you need (or have) a motto for your year, or have any question or concern where I could provide some input to you. Often enough, things are better together, after all.