Construction in China, Child’s Play

Visiting China, living like a Chinese, celebrating a wedding – it just had to involve some home purchasing aspect… :-p

The background, if you need it:

You may have heard about the challenge in finding a wife that the surplus of men in China faces.

You may have also heard of the phenomenon of “leftover women” who are considered too old (at around age 26), too independent, too highly educated, earning, and demanding, to find a husband.

But, there’s still more:

Finding a partner is still seen as more-than-essential in the clear life paths Chinese society seems to push everyone towards.
And an equally-as-clear part of that path, though one you may not have heard of if you haven’t delved deeper into social issues in China, is that it is the husband(-to-be) who is seen as having to provide most of his future family’s income (and hence, to have a high salary already), to go into the marriage having a car and a house/apartment.

Well, we didn’t and wouldn’t be able to get a place in China, but the in-laws did and the relatives with a good income are after the next apartment purchase.

Of course, we had to go and check it out – and I used the chance for some fun with photography. Which strangely turned out fitting for a theme of child’s play (which always looms in the background of discussions about marriage prospects and the gender imbalance in China)…

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  1. Local builders

    Hi, I have visited China a bunch of times and know local ethnic Chinese and there is a different mind set in terms of marriage and relationships. There is a set path on what you are expected to do and if you are not following that path chances are that your parents will pressure you (and help you) until you do. Anyway great article, I had a small chuckle about it.

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