When I speak of “adventuring,” it is often microadventures I talk about.

Going bivouacking somewhere you’d usually not sleep outside, trying to run-hike what would amount to an ultramarathon, moving through the night… That sort of thing.

But, it is also other things that tell something of the world we live in, help us make ourselves more at home in this world.

Like airplanes?

[vr url=https://www.zhangschmidt.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/20160814_083924.jpg view=360]

What matters is just that we approach these things with a spirit of adventure.

Otherwise, we tend to not even notice them as something to do/experience rather than set aside as the usual and boring we already know.

Our recent trip to / family visit (and wedding celebration…) in China ended up, well, ending on a nice serendipitous case of such an adventuring that I had hoped for, but only ever in the way one hopes to win the lottery…

I really wish I could tell you – and therefore, know for myself – how to get upgrades to business class.

Alas, even with scores of travel hack websites around, most tricks don’t do anything if you are not a US-American flying on a US airline offering lots of different ways to earn bonus miles on an associated credit card, for example.

Those airlines fielding more complaints than anything, Emirates having offered good rates and a 30 kg checked-in baggage limit (and operating great planes – the A380 is the best I know even in economy class), that was our airline of choice for this summer’s trip to China.

Last leg of the flight back, Dubai-Vienna, we simply seem to have got lucky.

So, things went ‘adventuring’. Deluxe.

Emirates A380 Business Class Lounge

Emirates A380 Business Class Lounge