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Suunto Ambit(3 – and Traverse) Manual +3: Deleting Logbook

A question that keeps coming up about the recent Suunto devices (Ambit line and Traverse) is how you can delete the logbook.

What logbook?

There are actually two logbooks on an Ambit or a Traverse: a logbook of ‘moves’ (activities) you have recorded and a “navigation” logbook of the tracks recorded. Most of the time, they are basically the same since a ‘move’ includes a GPS track recording.

However, they needn’t be the same since you could record an indoors training session which will be used for showing recovery time on an Ambit, or you could record a hike’s track, but not the physiological data for it, just the track (if you don’t use the HR belt with your Ambit, let alone a Traverse).

That there are these two logs is important in order to understand why the question of how to delete them is a rather bad one: They are being used for things like recovery data, as well as for the tracks which one could navigate along (use as routes), as long as their log is still on the device.

So, they should be there, and stay there. How they get off?

Circular Memory

Also, why you can’t delete individual logs is because you don’t need to.

The memory is now circular, so the oldest log gets overwritten as a new one – like, the one you are doing at the moment, if you are – gets recorded.

You should have the older logs uploaded to Movescount, anyways, while not getting a log of a new ‘move’ is really annoying ;)

If you must delete the logs, you can wipe the whole logbook by forcing a firmware update (hook your device up to your computer/Moveslink, right-click the Movescount symbol in the taskbar and choose “force firmware update”). Not really recommended, but possible:

Any more questions? Feel free to ask