It was probably just their marketing and pop-cultural presence – Hello, M:I-II intro/trailer! – which had me get Oakley sunglasses, but being outdoors and in sunlight enough, and that while wearing contact lenses, made some kind of eye protection essential.

The various kinds of Oakley shades are popular for a reason; the design is often peculiar but typically outstanding not just in that way (depending on the model, of course), the clarity and protection are top-notch as well.

Oakley Prizm Trail

After a long time with the Radar Path sports sunglasses (wrap-around, secure fit, interchangeable lenses), I switched to the Wind Jacket in the hopes that the wind gasket and anti-fog lenses would help also with winter running or running in dusty conditions.

That did not work out quite as hoped; the lenses do fog up and even ice up when running in the temperatures below freezing I regularly find myself in, and the wind gasket is not as helpful as I’d hoped when sweating a lot.
As a regular pair of sports and everyday sunglasses, however, they are excellent as usual, with a secure fit, light weight, various tints of interchangeable lenses available, and a look that works most places.

Recently, Oakley came out with a new pair of sports sunglasses, the Jawbreaker, and with a new tint for sports uses, Prizm.

Seeing how scratched I got my lenses and how happy I am with the persimmon lens tint for clarity on trails, I asked them if I could try these out, and Oakley Germany provided me with a test sample…

The Oakley Jawbreaker sunglasses were designed for and with cyclists, and that clearly shows; they are sports-specific and even seem better for the usual position of the head when cycling rather than running. (Yes, I used them for that, too.)

That doesn’t make them unusable for running, though, and perhaps more important to me was the Trail Prizm lens tint (which is also available for the Flak Jacket and Radar styles of sunglasses but alas, unfortunately, not for the Wind/Split Jacket I would have).

If the persimmon tint is already nicely increasing contrast between all the various things you encounter on a trail, be that mountain biking or trail running, the Trail Prizm dials it up another notch. Maybe a small one, but a definite one.

For bright sunlight, they may be a tad too bright; for the night, a tad too dark; but in everything in between, they deliver (and even in those two extreme cases, I used them and was okay with them – for the Wind Jacket, I would have neutral/transparent and grey lenses for the night and bright light, respectively… and I usually end up just using the persimmon tint for everything done with them).

Definitely something worth checking out – although, a lot has been happening in the world of eye protection. When it comes to both style and sports, I still find Oakley hard to beat, though.