One of those things where we’re living very superficially is when it comes to what covers our own surface: clothing, fashion, and all that.

Strangely enough, the superficiality can go contradictory ways:

Never caring about fashion or clothes, the cheapest stuff may be the best – but given its environmental and social impact, and the influence that clothes have on one’s own attitude to and bearing in life, that may be a costly approach.

The expensive approach, spending a lot on clothing, hunting after the latest in style and fashion trends, caring only too much, seemingly tends to be equally as superficial – and it’s well recognized as such.

Whatever you think of that, wherever you fall on that line, some insight into the processes behind a production is sure to be a good thing, making another step closer, away from the superficiality.

Fascinating, then, to use the chance that Hermès provides through its Festival des Métiers, to meet with various of its craftsmen and see how they work – which chance I took as they came to Vienna (where they will be until this Sunday, September 27, in none other but the Spanish Riding School):