Photography to Get at Home 1: Tilt-Shift

The technique of tilt-shift, where parts of a photo are made to be blurry in such a way that a viewer of the photo will interpret the objects in focus as being smaller than they are, like toy models, is an admittedly playful one.

Cameras such as Sony’s RX100 offer tilt-shift functions among their “Picture Effect” modes (accessible via the “Fn” button while in P/A/S/M modes and shooting JPEG), here even labeled as “Miniature.”

Not exactly serious though such a mode may be, it is an ideal introduction to more camera functions, a way to learn more about the composition of a photo, and simply a means of having fun trying out something different.

In the process, by its very playfulness, the practice may provide a new perspective on familiar places…

I personally have found people in public places to be particularly good objects for such photography, as before in a market street in Hong Kong, and now in Vienna’s inner city…


    1. Gerald

      I’d love to say that this is a case of our “not being at home in… the modern world” with all its tools/toys – but it’s more a case of a photographer doing post-processing in Lightroom rather than using such gimmicks ;)

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