With all the panting about China supposedly having overtaken the USA as the world’s largest economy already, it often sounds as if the Chinese must all be worker bees (on that note, the book recommendation on the right) with nary a minute to catch their breath.

Whether it’s breathtaking speed that makes for a need to catch some zzz’s whenever and wherever one gets a chance, or the opposite of being left behind and having not much to do, or nowhere to go, but to get a little sleep in public…Beijing’s urban life sure does sometimes, suddenly, offer impressions of a very different Chinese dream, consisting of as little as a little rest in the middle of the buzz and pollution and change.

This would be a place where it would be possible, well within a lifetime, to wake up from a sleep and suddenly find oneself in utterly changed circumstances, á Rip van Winkle… or not, but that’s the theme of a different photo project.

With those thoughts in mind, after having sought out The Silence of Sound in the (European) urban landscape before, I now went and documented a few of Beijing’s Sleepers…