As I said, it’s time for wrapping thoughts about clothing in some examples, and I want to start doing so immediately after I started talking about examples I feel quite at home in: pieces from the Veilance line made by Arc’teryx, otherwise better known as a company making outdoors clothing.

It was in these two pieces that I also 'went a little farther'...

It was in these two pieces that I also ‘went a little farther’

In this review, the pieces looked at are the Diale Composite Sweater (of Fall/Winter 2014) and the Cargo LT Pant (from the Spring/Summer 2014 season).

Both are still available (in many sizes, though not all – see the links with the names of the items above) at the time of writing.

The sweater is already a favorite, albeit but a recent addition (and it will shortly get a competitor).

The pants… Well, that was an interesting experience. Looking at them more closely made me notice some problems with the material (which had also been a reason why the Voronoi pants I had had went back, together with those pants’ – for me, overly – trim cut).
That led to some consideration of the similar older Spec Pants (and Stealth Shirt – I will add reviews of these older things later) and made it necessary that I also talk about the attentiveness of the warranty department.

You can hear all about that, at length…

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