The Silence of Sound

“How to really live in this world” is the one thing I aim to explore and explain, but the natural twin to that is a look at how we do make ourselves at home in… wherever we are.

Increasingly, that is in cities.

Parkour has been one of those practices that have re-shaped the urban space for its practitioners – or rather, the ways in which these people construct urban spaces. And it has been so nicely visual, which is how most of our spaces are structured and changed, that it has received a lot of attention.

But, there has been a much more common re-shaping practice which is not so much visual (except for the following), but rather aural: the use of iPods and similar devices.

We have, many of us, been re-structuring our city paths by taking the iPod as an “urban Sherpa” giving us accompaniment and helping us disappear into an “auditory cocoon”  of our own (technological) making, as Michael Bull argued in “Sound Moves. iPod Culture and Urban Experience.

As personal sound systems have shrunk and disappeared into smartphones, however, headphones have become bigger and therefore more noticeable. It is this dialectic of a noticeable disappearance into an other to the urban noise I decided to follow in a little photographic project… “The Silence of Sound”


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