There is something to sunrises and sunsets that makes them beautiful to all but the least romantic. To taking the time, going special places, and enjoying them where they are at their best.

But perhaps there’s all the more to them when you haven’t gone out of your way for them.

In many a town, you’ll hardly even be able to see the sun. Locked into buildings, trapped between construction, caught up in pollution, there’s often not enough of a line of sight to even see the sky come aglow with light, let alone know where the east would be and have a view towards it.

Even in places with the best of views, conditions won’t always be good. You make your chances better by doing something for it, like moving yourself to such a place, but it’s not all you creating the scene yourself. And living in a place with great chances for great views, it’s still a matter of what you do, too. Even if there is a perfect sunrise every day, if you’re still asleep, or awake but unawares, not paying any attention, it will pass you by unnoticed. And that’s just the thing…

A Venice Commute

A Venice Commute

The most impressive of sunrises and sunsets will pass you by if you are stuck somewhere inside, incapable of even looking out. If you don’t pay attention, you will miss what’s happening right in front of you. Without care, not making yourself at home in this world, you will be blind to its beauty.

With open eyes and an open mind, there is no end to the adventure you can find and the beauty you may behold. With care and creativity, we can make our lives and this world better. It is time.