Short days, snowy ground, no time to explore?

Naturally, different conditions make for different situations. The long days of summer, especially when temperatures are also comfortable, make it easy to go out and explore, a winter’s cold and little sunlight takes more planning.

And yet. The day we went back into the Alps for the weekend, it was foggy. We arrived late. I went for a short run up the mountain behind the houses, anyways.

The light from the headlamp got absorbed and reflected so much, it was difficult to make out the ground, let alone see ahead. And it had been warmer than even just a week ago, meaning that the ground was muddy and slippery.

Then, but then. Coming up towards the top, the fog made way to clear skies. Over an ocean of white fog, the surrounding mountaintops were visible all around, illuminated by a crescent moon. Orion stood right above the Traunstein. It was pure magic.

And then, I dove right back down into the fog.

That was then. This day, I didn’t go out late, nor as early as last time, but only after the sun had come up. And up it came, to a beautifully clear blue sky. This time, the third time I went there, I finally managed to make my way all around the Traunstein, passing over the Hohe Scharte…

As so:

Traunstein Circle

Screenshot of the map from this “move

I’m still finding myself discovering new things. Not just from the impressions gained, though they are nice:

I’m also still discovering things…

  • from the distance – realizing that the ~31 km distance that was would be 3/4 of the way from where I normally live to Vienna, but running there would still feel odd;
  • from the bodily reactions – I haven’t exactly been doing much training recently, but going about a move like this in a nice mix of relaxed running as well as fast-paced walking, I feel that I could go on and don’t feel sore after an outing like this;
  • from the life tracking – which shows that I haven’t exactly been doing much training recently, indeed, but have been physically active quite a bit…

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