Black Friday, and one can’t even escape it in Europe. Or so it seems, unless one simply doesn’t look to the stores, but heads for the hills…

… or for the mountain(s), as it were.

On arrival, Thursday. A tad snowy up there.

3:30 a.m. on Friday morning, I got up. By 4:10, I was out. This time alone makes things a bit of an adventure, as was the plan: either to get up the Traunstein for a sunrise at the top or to finally manage to go around it, over the Hohe Scharte passage. Or both.

Well, what shall I say? It turned out to be neither.

Track from that move, screenshot from here

Track from that move, screenshot from here

I had a look up the Naturfreundesteig trail up the mountain, startled some chamois which were running around there – and pretty soon decided that it was just too difficult an ascent to safely do at that time (let alone get down again without accident). Back down it was.

On I continued around the mountain, on the road in that ‘valley’, into what looked like winter had already come.


To the spot where the trail to the Hohe Scharte led off the road… Again, someone had gone there before me – but not far. Less than a kilometer in (and up), it looked as if one had suddenly gone months farther into winter.

This was the snow where my predecessor – and I – turned around:


Back I went. Again. Disappointed. And amused.
This is how it goes.
We want a lot. We are conflicted about just what we want, given how we want everything, and we want what we want.

To which the outdoors says… nothing.

The outdoors just is, and if you want adventure, you can join – but it doesn’t matter what you want when you do that. What matters is what the situation is like. If your wants and the situation don’t exactly match, you either push on and get yourself in potential trouble, or you submit and do what’s probably advisable.

Be adventurous, go out and explore – and be safe.
This, by the way, was the snow on the other side of the mountain:

Still early winter there. Next up: Deeper winter everywhere, better plans for next year ;)

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