Where In The World…? Small-Town China Impressions

Greetings from China with a few impressions of where I am and what this place looks like. Not my usual kind of posts, but most photo- and video-rich posts of impressions and on at-home-ness will have to wait until the return to Europe and faster internet connections. Still, it’s a very different China from that of the ubiquitous “This is China and this is how it’s rising” that keeps being focused on Beijing, Shanghai, and the Guangdong-Hong Kong area. So…

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I might add the other places of interest to this trip to the map later, but just wanted to give you a chance at finding me on the map, more or less ;)


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  1. John

    I enjoyed seeing the pictures. I too live in a small (by Chinese standards) town. About 150,000. In towns this size, you see a huge mix of the old and the new. I am trying to document some of this on my website – smalltownchina.weebly.com. I’ve lived here about a year and if I don’t write it down – soon I’ll forget how different it is than the USA.

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