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In the forest

Early Spring’s Micro-Exploration

10 days to the 100 Miles of Istria.

Running Vignette:
Dad just had a look at the GPS track of it and then told me, “If we were in Umag [the start] and your mum said we should drive to the other side of Istria [the finish], I’d tell her, No, I don’t want to, it’s too far for a day’s drive…

I’ll have to say, my legs hurt just from watching the same. Then again, I just went out for a leisurely long-ish training run of half-marathon distance. March had ended, Easter Sunday had come, with stormy winds and snowfall, but this 1st of April was close to balmy and sunny – and as much as I promote taking things as they come, for the challenge and their reality, nicer conditions beckon more.

Interesting conditions they were.

Railway crossing, snow in the "hills"

Railway crossing, snow in the “hills”

We’ve had the coldest March in a long time, with just one warm spell that gave all the early spring bloomers the signal to get their buds ready… and then promptly turned cold again. I had collected ramsons last time I ran here, but they were almost more hidden this time. In the sunlight, especially, the snow has been melting rapidly and the ground turned mud, but between the trees, on the less-exposed sides, there is still a (refreshed) layer of snow, and in the shadows, the puddles held a layer of ice…

In the forest

In the forest

Snowy trails - and trees

Snowy trails – and trees

In other parts, not so much...

In other parts, not so much…

And so I went, over snow and through slush, between the trees and over the hills. In the “Leitha mountains” (Leithagebirge) again, which has always fascinated me somewhat because it is but hills, not the mountains the name suggests. Sitting at the very edge of the Pannonian plains, next to the Neusiedler See lake, though, they do loom up a little and hold a slight promise of the Alps to come. On clear days, the Schneeberg (“snow mountain”) is also visible in the further distance (and as a friend pointed out, a hiking path of some 120 km from just into Hungary to that area has recently been established, the Alpannonia…)

Vineyard panorama from the edge of the Leitha mountains

Vineyard panorama from the edge of the Leitha mountains


Other vineyard (and Neusiedler See) impression

Other vineyard (and Neusiedler See) impression

The view from above isn’t too bad; and the trail up today felt like being in the mountains, what with the snow and sun and rocks…

Trail up Zeiselberg

Trail up Zeiselberg


and the view from the Zeiselberg towards the Northeast (where I came from)

and the view from the Zeiselberg towards the Northeast (where I came from)

… and there were messengers of spring to discover, too. As long as the focus doesn’t all go inward, to only the running, but also to a sense of exploration and discovery, if in the cracks and on the side of the road.




No "Enter the Dragon"...

No “Enter the Dragon”…

... but a "follow the rabbit"

… but a “follow the rabbit”

Hope you had a nice Easter, too! ;)

See you on here, or out there…


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  1. Elizabeth L Allen

    I love the upside-down photo! Especially fun when scrolling on my smartphone. It slowly reveals the image and its changing perspectives.

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