Went out for a long run, now that it’s gotten to be fewer than three weeks to my first ever attempt at getting through 100 miles in one go, the first planned running event of this year (at the 100 Milja Istria), into wind and snow that are getting to be rather unseasonal.

Yes, they still be snow runs. Enjoyable enough, but only with proper attitude and equipment, and also exhausting enough.

Ended up being out for 2:45 hours for a bit over 25 km crisscrossing the edge of the military practice area close by, running along and over parts of the Leithagebirge (Leitha mountains, which is a somewhat funny name because they aren’t more than hills – but still, some of the farthest foothills of the Alps here in Austria’s far east, where the Pannonian/Hungarian plains begin).

Came back with ramson (wild leek, bear leek) that have freshly emerged but would rather qualify as frozen vegetables, the day being as it was…


…and got to thinking:

Isn’t it crazy how we expect food (and predominantly food products, not real food, at that) to be perfectly safe when we buy it in the supermarket, to the point of trusting “best before”-dates over our senses (and engineered “bliss points” achieved mainly via salt, sugar, fat over the development of an innate eating intelligence)?

At the same time, we distrust our own senses so much that we, for the most part, never develop any skill in knowing what edible plants are all around us (or, for that matter, ideologically and naively claim that everything natural were good, and promptly mistake poisonous plants for edibles)… and then go about talking of how powerful the individual has become and how we all should and could build our success strictly by our own doing?

Better ramsons in omelette, Chinese-style. Tasty, nourishing, no-bullshit.

Ramson Omelette