The dead of winter, turning of the sun… pumpkins from the fall garden still stored in a cool place, a memory of the last garden year.

First, the pumpkin plants almost get destroyed by slugs.
Then, they took over the patch of the garden where they were growing.
Finally, quite a few pumpkins were to be harvested.

The very smallest of them are the same size as those that get sold in the supermarkets – at quite a steep price. Reason to walk, contentedly, past the baskets advertising them, with a slight shake of the head and a content smile.

Off into the kitchen, a nice-sized pumpkin from our own harvest under the arm.

Preparing Pumpkin

Cutting and peeling half of it, it becomes noticeable that it’s getting too much for the pumpkin (and carrot and rice) porridge that was to be made. Real abundance strikes, shows how it’s better, and at such times much easier, natural, to share – or to make yet more pumpkin dishes, until they are not a treat anymore but a threat looming on the horizon.

Not all would be cut up and used that time, in fact… and so, a next day, there was pan-seared pumpkin with chilli to accompany some rice, too.

There were still the scraped-out innards of the pumpkin, waiting to go onto the compost along with the peels – but how about taking out the seeds?

Something to roast, and immediately have one more light food. A snack? Salad garnish? An addition to bread? Or just seeds to carefully dry, keep well away from the flames, and have more pumpkin growing next year? There’d be a few trees in the garden it would be fun to have them grow up and into, after this year’s pumpkin in the brambles…

Pumpkin in Brambles

Life goes on, and as the garden rests, and we are between off-season and continuation (but with a  different focus, perhaps), the next year’s already on the mind. The present needs mindful attention about the now. But also, the cycles that turn take some thinking forward, and the life that slowly passes is better paid heed…