Poetic (De-)Motivation Prior to Marathon #1

15 hours to the start of the Vienna City Marathon, first of the running events I’ll (for a change) participate in this year.

While picking up the bib number, getting a doctor’s opinion regarding my participation (as I’ve only just gotten over a cold), I decided to participate in a medical study on a new indicator for a body’s reaction to the stress of a marathon – and the question that I had to think of the longest before I could answer was “How old are you?”

Well, perfect context for sharing this bit from Billy Collins’ TED talk, lyrically talking of age and accomplishment, and intensely (de)motivating…

[youtube width=”600″ height=”365″ video_id=”4ZSIYQeF7FE”]

Chances are, you are older – like me. So, isn’t it time we started living more fully, sensibly?

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