The Power of Boobs in China

In the spirit of my small series of “Odd Saturday” posts on (inter)cultural oddities, things that seem perfectly normal in one cultural context, and very strange in another, a little video view into part of the Chinese attitude towards gender.

It is well known that East Asia has a certain “culture of silence” – an attitude that some things just shouldn’t be talked about and are then also seen as basically nonexistent. However, there are also many (and different) things that are talked about in ways that appear very straightforward, if not insulting, to an American or European.

Gender differences and roles, and bodily differences between different people, are definitely among them. And the attitude is different, too – as this video, an advertisement I saw at a small underwear store in Xiangtan, rather hilariously testifies to:

By the way, one soundbite that can be heard is a “they are really bigger now,” and the glass *is* supposed to be felled by the vibration emanating from… well, you’ll see.

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  1. Heather Lynn

    …..I actually don’t need any extra up top but I DO LOVE that bra! The one that crisscrosses in the front. Very pretty. Sadly, my boobs have never felled anything :( Lol Lol Lol

  2. Iffrank

    the title really scared me… – -!

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