As some people like David Livermore argue, Cultural Intelligence is (one of) the next big thing(s) among management skills necessary for the contemporary world. Knowledge and understanding that enables us to successfully navigate between different cultural contexts is becoming ever more important even in our private lives, as we increasingly live between different cultures, not just in one context.

When a country and/or culture is so different and difficult, someone who wants to enter that country doesn’t quite know what to expect, then there’s lots to say about it – as you can see on these pages and many others. Trying to truly live in that country is like navigating a maze, and yet it makes you more alive than being at home, where everything is just the way you’ve come to know it.

When those who may want to enter that strange country are companies, and you have someone local who thinks they can help, it can be quite a boon to creativity, and result in funny ways of presenting just how different said country is.

I just stumbled across one such example, presenting the problem of cultural understanding. It’s on Russia rather than China, but many of the ideas actually feel a lot like all the things which are being said about China. Just substitute chicken feet for the борщ (Borscht), and 白酒 (baijiu) for the водка (vodka)…