"Kobbo" store

Odd Saturday: You Say Kappa, I Say Kobbo…

"Kobbo" storeTo anybody who’s been to – or even just heard about – China, fakes may appear normal rather than odd, but there are some observations around that issue that are only too interesting.

One case, right here (and there’ll be more, though I’ll try not to overdo it):
That store opened on a bigger intersection here in Xiangtan, opposite two bigger department stores, about a year ago – and closed after a few months.
In a way I’ve found employed rather often, brand names, logos and other typical elements of branding are taken over with some modification so that it looks kinda similar, but is not the same. Furthermore, it is said that this were a foreign company (French, in this case). – And there you go: it’s not a fake, it’s different after all, but it’s also similar enough to be mis-recognizable as the brand on which it’s modeled.


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