The Buddhist Temples of Beijing

The Buddhist Temples of Beijing

The Buddhist Temples of Beijing


Beijing and Buddhism.

Sure, most tourists to China’s capital will probably visit the Lama Temple (Yonghegong), but otherwise not much love seems to be lost between Beijing and Buddhism.

China and its rulers have actually played a major role in the history of Buddhism in East Asia, however – all the way into Tibet and the history (and future, or so they wish) of the Dalai Lama.

Buddhism, in turn, has left its traces in Beijing.

Traces that belie the story of a city that constantly changes.
Traces that remain – and sometimes, more than just traces…

In the life of contemporary Chinese, too, Buddhism has seen a renaissance.

In this book, join me in travels to metropolitan Beijing’s Buddhist temples, and discover the past and present of Buddhism and its sacred structures, as some of them reemerge as places of worship while others retreat (or are drawn) from public view.

More details to come:

Publication planned for end of 2015 / spring of 2016…