Free Will and the Non-Self

The force of habit, the readiness to do things signaled by activation potentials in the brain before it has ever entered into our consciousness… neuroscience has been looking at the matter of free will, and it looks as though “how to truly live in this world” is a silly thing to ask. We live here anyways, as the bodies we are, tossed and turned by reaction patterns – but without quite as much conscious control as we believe ourselves to have. Continue reading


The Exploratory Lifestyle – Setting Out to Become at Home

Joseph Rock on Horse, in YunnanThe age of adventure, the era of explorers – it all seems a thing of the past.

Now, the best you can do is action sports and extreme travel – but there’s a big difference: The earlier explorers didn’t quite know what they were getting themselves into, and went to the white spots on the maps not just for the heck of it, but also to increase knowledge.
Or at least, that’s what also happened and was the reason given to their supporters…

These times seem far gone. Continue reading