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(Ab)Normalities Between Cultures

What if it’s them who just do things wrong?

As discussed before, adapting to a different culture and another social context can make it necessary to forget yourself. Not in the metaphorical sense of forgetting your good manners (I’m assuming you have some), but by loosening what you consider normal, and even what you consider you, in order to act appropriately.

The other side of this issue, however, is what you do when it’s not about the way you act in communication, for example, but about something that you feel goes more deeply, could potentially affect your very life. The things that just are or aren’t done, and not simply because it’s normal for you, but also because it makes sense, (not) to do them.

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China’s Law of Rules

Since I got to China, the dichotomy between what the country feels ike from the outside and how things are when you are inside has often struck me. Going just by the reports, China would seem to be a single-party autocracy strictly controlled, without freedom, without law. So, get Beijing to recognize (the Western definition of) human rights, follow the rule of law, and all’s well and good.

Saying it like that, of course, is a prelude to taking this idea apart.

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