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(Ab)Normalities Between Cultures

What if it’s them who just do things wrong? As discussed before, adapting to a different culture and another social context can make it necessary to forget yourself. Not in the metaphorical sense of forgetting your good manners (I’m assuming you have some), but by


A Chinese Summer Night’s Entertainment

From the archives of my time in China, one for the “Odd Saturdays“… some collective dancing – or does that qualify as soft aerobics? The better question, though, may be why we in the West see such pastimes as collectivist and somehow whack, while going


The Power of Boobs in China

In the spirit of my small series of “Odd Saturday” posts on (inter)cultural oddities, things that seem perfectly normal in one cultural context, and very strange in another, a little video view into part of the Chinese attitude towards gender.

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China’s Law of Rules

Since I got to China, the dichotomy between what the country feels ike from the outside and how things are when you are inside has often struck me. Going just by the reports, China would seem to be a single-party autocracy strictly controlled, without freedom,

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Odd Saturday: Rapture Edition

If you want to save lives, maybe you want a life jacket; if it’s the rapture, maybe you want to get busy… and when you get simple things, put into a different context, you may get lots to think about. Case in point: vending machine

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Odd Saturday: Eden in China

Maybe I shouldn’t even be calling that odd; advertisements are often strange, after all. When cultural/religious ideas from different places collide in advertisements, there are things that you could let slide, or can wonder about a lot. The very association of Eden with a city,

"Kobbo" store

Odd Saturday: You Say Kappa, I Say Kobbo…

To anybody who’s been to – or even just heard about – China, fakes may appear normal rather than odd, but there are some observations around that issue that are only too interesting. One case, right here (and there’ll be more, though I’ll try not