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On the first kilometer of the Vienna City Marathon 4

The Race Is On. #1: Vienna City Marathon

Exploring my environs while raising skills/capabilities is the rather more important (not-quite-)everyday reason for my running, but – at least this year – races bring some rhythm to that steady beat. Last Sunday’s Vienna...

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Running Update

The time of this year’s running events is getting closer: Vienna City Marathon: 34 days to go; Über-Drüber-Marathon: 66 days; Bergmarathon: 117 days; Linzer Bergmarathon: 167 days; Wachau-Marathon: 189 days. Since the beginning of...

5 (Ultra)Marathons & 1 Call for Help 3

5 (Ultra)Marathons & 1 Call for Help

You may have noticed that one of the ways I suggest, and am myself, becoming at home in this world is through an exploratory lifestyle. Where physical activity is concerned, running features prominently. For...