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Race #4: The Linzer Bergmarathon, a Phenomenology of Pain

Saturday, August 25 saw me at the mountain marathon in and around Linz (Linzer Bergmarathon). It brought to a close the mountain marathon cup in Upper Austria, the set of three mountain ultramarathons I participated in this summer – and where Paul Auster describes his

... to Ebensee...

Race #3: Around the Traunsee in the Bergmarathon 2012

Around Traunsee lake, over peaks and through valleys. 70 km distance, 4500 m altitude difference. Again. This year’s mountain (ultra)marathon from Gmunden to Ebensee and back, all around the Traunsee lake, passing over the Grünberg, the Traunstein, the Spitzlstein, the Feuerkogel, the Grasberg and the

On the Run

The Race Really Gets Goin’… Marathon #2: Über-Drüber

Things are getting interesting. Where the Vienna City Marathon was a classical road race with thousands of participants, close by my first home, last Thursday’s “Über-Drüber-Marathon” [site in German only] was around my second home region in Upper Austria, going up and across (hence, the

On the first kilometer of the Vienna City Marathon

The Race Is On. #1: Vienna City Marathon

Exploring my environs while raising skills/capabilities is the rather more important (not-quite-)everyday reason for my running, but – at least this year – races bring some rhythm to that steady beat. Last Sunday’s Vienna City Marathon started this year’s set of running events. First things


Poetic (De-)Motivation Prior to Marathon #1

15 hours to the start of the Vienna City Marathon, first of the running events I’ll (for a change) participate in this year. While picking up the bib number, getting a doctor’s opinion regarding my participation (as I’ve only just gotten over a cold), I


Running Update

The time of this year’s running events is getting closer: Vienna City Marathon: 34 days to go; Über-Drüber-Marathon: 66 days; Bergmarathon: 117 days; Linzer Bergmarathon: 167 days; Wachau-Marathon: 189 days. Since the beginning of this year, I have made (only ;) ) 25  “moves”, run

Wienwanderweg (Vienna hiking path) markings

Vienna Circle Ultra-Marathon – Around Vienna in a Day

Austria’s capital, Vienna, is rich in history, well known for its culture and architecture, in an interesting geographical location between the flat area of the Hungarian Plains and the Alps – and the very hiking trails surrounding the city offer great views of the diversity.

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5 (Ultra)Marathons & 1 Call for Help

You may have noticed that one of the ways I suggest, and am myself, becoming at home in this world is through an exploratory lifestyle. Where physical activity is concerned, running features prominently. For this year, although I prefer just moving and seeing, I am