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20 sec China, Ep.5: Sanya Coast

Note: Sanya is *the* resort town on Hainan, with beautiful beaches, and therefore highly touristy. In this video, all that is literally in the background

20 sec China, Ep. 4: Photos at Tianya

Note: 天涯海角 (TianYaHaiJiao), usually translated simply as “the end of the world” is a famous location in China, popular with Chinese tourists.

20 sec China, Ep.1: Shanghai Morning

A new series of videos in podcast, delivering impressions from China right to your computer or video-capable iPod – the fun, the cool, the everyday… the things that make China so interesting and so great. As the name implies, just 20 seconds each (well, 30 in total).

This is not meself :-p

Being the Foreigner

I happened to virtually run into Ellis of plateofwander.com when I had just found my way of getting to China, and she seemed to not find a way after all. Since then, as her plans worked out too, we have been comparing our impressions of (being in) China. Recently, she posted about the way Chinese […]

The Other Mirror

Another culture. One of the reasons why “the other” is dangerous: It can serve as a mirror, reflecting your own image in ways leading you to recognize more of yourself. Recently, my time has been very interesting: On the one hand, last weekend, I realized one more reason why, in anthropological fieldwork, your private life […]

At the beginning of the ascent to the Traunstein

Bergmarathon 2008 Report

In 2007, after some time of regular running training, I decided to participate in 2008’s Bergmarathon “Rund um den Traunsee” (mountain marathon around Lake Traun).  

What #GetAtHome Is About

There are many ways we are not really at home in… this world: Living “location independent,” “sampling the best experiences “, with little connection. Stuck in a place, stuck in a job, feeling at home just because everything’s always the same. It doesn’t have to be this superficial way. Join me in exploring ways we […]