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Uji, Kyoto: The Wrong Side of the Tracks, the Right Side to Buy Matcha, #GetAtHome

I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that you should go to the south side of Uji, from the railway station, should you decide to go there at all. North side, wrong side of the tracks. Nothing to see there.

Osaka Impressions and the Expectations of Travel

It’s better to have seen once for yourself than heard a hundred times from others. Supposedly. But is it? Do we really even see for ourselves?

Winter is? What you make of it!

Christmas time, snow, the glitter of ice… As beautiful as we think? Winter, cold, darkness… As ugly as we think? We think? It keeps being said that all depends on our attitude. As you think, so it will be. As strictly as this idea keeps being put forth, I do not like it at all. […]

On the Kumano Kodo, the Mountain Ascetics’ Pilgrimage Path

Going on a spiritual pilgrimage’s path in fastpacking fashion seemed a bit of an oddity even to me. When you go somewhere far away, on some of your last money, with only a few days to spare for the whole trip, you do want to put as much experience as possible into every hour, though. […]

Tokyo, the Village Megalopolis

Tokyo. The megalopolis. An urban agglomeration, home to millions of people, unbroken cityscape… Go up the Tokyo Skytree for the view from a distance, and you can easily see that. But if it is that, then the all-encompassing city has become a village. Or rather, a vast and seemingly never-ending collection of villages. And nature. […]

Tokyo Skytree and the Distant View

Tokyo can only really be understood, or at least felt, on the ground and intimately. For even beginning to get a grasp on this megalopolis, though, it helps to get a view from afar – and the prime spot for that is the Tokyo Skytree. With 634 m total height, it is the tallest tower […]

Rome, In Different Views

When in Rome… You know what they say, but I’d actually recommend doing things a little differently. One of the smallest of changes/challenges you can do to see things a little differently is avoiding the usual times for the must-see and must-do.

Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR Baro (P)Review

Development of the Suunto Spartan series continues, mainly in terms of the software, but also with a bit of additional hardware – as Suunto makes abundantly clear in today’s news item announcing the Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR Baro. In software news, the “outdoors-focused” October update is coming up, now announced as scheduled for the 17th. […]

Casio ProTrek Smart WSD-F20 In-Depth Review, Part 1: Get Smart About Your Place, #GetAtHome, In This World

The Casio ProTrek Smart WSD-F20, Casio’s second version of an outdoors smartwatch with Android Wear (2.0) was announced at the beginning of 2017. Sports tech authority DC Rainmaker called himself “perplexed” by it. I found myself intrigued, now that it includes GPS. Thanks to Casio’s PR agency in Germany, who provided me with a unit […]