how to really #GetAtHome in this world


There are many ways we are not really at home in… this world:

But, life doesn’t have to be this superficial way.

Join me in exploring ways we can #GetAtHome and find solutions to this problem we don’t even know we have…

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A New Goal: The Stelvio Marathon

“People Who Say That Running Is Fun Are Lying to You,” Outside Online recently had to claim. I’d still say that I do it for fun, but in the process, maybe I took things a little too easy.

ISPO 2017 Roundup, Part 1: Garmin, Casio, TomTom, AxSys,…

Once again, the ISPO Munich was on. Finally, I went there not just a random blogger who sorta-kinda works with brands willing to set him up with product samples, but as someone turning into a pro blogger looking for serious cooperations.

Mammut Comfort High GTX

High Comfort, So Last Season: Mammut Comfort High GTX Surround Boot Review

When Mammut was looking to provide some people in the German-speaking area with a high Klout score (yep, they had still been using that) with a pair of their shoes to test, back in the spring of 2015, I’m pretty sure they were looking for some immediate support for their PR.

Watching as Spartan Grows Stronger: FW 1.6.14

The next update from Suunto, released January 25, 2017, bringing the long-awaited GPS fix and adding GLONASS support (and taking care of some bugs). Now, as you may have seen from my earlier updates on this sports watch, I have been getting pretty good results from it already. This only continued now that I’ve been […]