how to really #GetAtHome in this world


There are many ways we are not really at home in… this world:

But, life doesn’t have to be this superficial way.

Join me in exploring ways we can #GetAtHome and find solutions to this problem we don’t even know we have…

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Photography Reconsidered: #80Stays with Trey Ratcliff

Photography these days is in a strange place: Everybody snaps so many pictures, they have lost all value. So much is being done in Photoshop, there is little reality anymore. And many photographers are among the most-followed people online.

on the Traunstein

Traunstein Trails: Naturfreundesteig

I’m not actually heading out into the mountains right now, but it’s time to finally show you one of my favorite “trails” there. The idea of showing more of my usual trails in videos actually grew on me last year already… and then I promptly never put up the trail view video of what is […]

Blog in Hand

#SympatexHackathon Functional Jacket 4.0

We go outside to enjoy nature… but let’s admit it , we enjoy more than just nature.

#GetAtHome adventuring: Re(dis)covering Civilization near Rotholz in Tyrol

  My adventuring this spring continued with a last time out to help with the spring plant sales of Arche Noah (Noah’s Ark, Austria’s society for the preservation of heirloom plant varieties). Just Work… I was in Vienna and Wiener Neustadt with those (hardly anything to write about there), at the HQ of Arche Noah […]

#GetAtHome Work: Arche Noah in Schiltern, A Lesson in Time

Another year, another May 1 I went out to support Arche Noah (Noah’s Ark, Austria’s society for the preservation of heirloom plant varieties) in their spring plant sale. Another #adventuring, Another Lesson This year, having just been outside rather much at the outdoors / field didactics course in Marchegg, I didn’t quite want to go […]

#GetAtHome Work: Unwillingly Discovering the Fascination of Biology in Marchegg

Marchegg. The area around it, the Marchfeld, may be important for Austria’s vegetable growing. We may have been enjoying the asparagus from there, but I didn’t want to have to go there. I’m still, aside from current freelance work, pursuing a teaching qualification, though. This semester, want it or not, this study program finally had […]

My Trusty Companion, Photographically: Sony RX100 (M2)

Lots of people have asked me how I make my marathon videos (with a Sony HDR-AZ1 action cam: tiny, but alright quality, with such a wide angle lens I can just hold it away from me and vlog away… but that’s a different story). I have put a lot of thought into upgrading my camera […]

Bratislava Marathon

Bratislava Marathon: 40K to a 40K

So, I went to another marathon… Last year, same weekend, I went to Rome for the marathon there, the Maratona di Roma. More than 12 hours by overnight train (so, not exactly in the neighborhood) to get to a place that is “home,” not least in how it is historically quite connected with all of […]


Up, from Traunsee Beach to Feuerkogel Peak

If you want a big expedition, this wouldn’t be for you. Microadventures are finally gaining in popularity, though, and if you just want to see if you can make it up a mountain, as fast or leisurely as you wish, then this may be an ideal trail for you. If you want or need to […]