how to really #GetAtHome in this world


There are many ways we are not really at home in… this world:

But, life doesn’t have to be this superficial way.

Join me in exploring ways we can #GetAtHome and find solutions to this problem we don’t even know we have…

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#GetAtHome Challenge 02: Money

Money *is* always a challenge, no? With me, another summer trip to China is in the books. Last summer’s trip already had people ask how I could afford to travel like that…

Arc’teryx Veilance Pants of Summer: Align and Voronoi

Last year, making some regular money again and with a view towards a summer trip to China (to celebrate our wedding there, with the Chinese family, finally…), I decided to spring for Arc’teryx Veilance’s Voronoi pants in their light summer version. These Voronoi pants have been changed from their earlier cotton-nylon material, which seemed the […]

Santa Maria del Fiore

Florence, Italy, Travel Advice: The Must-Sees and the Overlooked

You can’t go to Florence and not see the Duomo, but how and why should you see and do what? Here are my recommendations for things to see and places to be in Florence, Italy, looking at the must-sees and the overlooked in the middle of it (beyond the street art I posted before):

Hong Kong Distance Reflection

Living Between Cultures, or: What Cultural Relativism Really Is

The more people get together, the further they seem to be driven apart. Thinking fast, not with cultural relativism…

Austrian Trails: Ebensee-Traunkirchen via Grosser and Kleiner Sonnstein

One of my favorite trails, the path past the Sonnstein peaks between Traunkirchen and Ebensee, offers a small dose of everything a fun romp into the mountains has to give, all in a compact tour that is not very difficult or dangerous:

Black Yak Combat Shirt Zipper Pull

Black Yak Performance, as per the Combat Shirt

a.k.a., A Review of the Black Yak Combat Shirt and Notes on My Fascination with this Brand I have mentioned Black Yak some times before, but it is only now that I really want to talk about them. About a product of theirs, the Combat Shirt, and the fascination this company provides in the world […]

Reflections on a Birthday

Another circle around the sun is done; one more and it will be a round number of them again. Reason to celebrate? I don’t know.

Know Thyself, PET Scan Edition

I have never felt so not-depressed. Being very Viennese in temperament – and by way of explanation, let’s just say there’s a reason this was the city where Freud found lots of issues to theorize on – a rather gloomy outlook comes natural. I don’t want it to completely hold me back, though; I want to […]