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Out Winter Running: 24H Burgenland Extreme-ly Different

The 24 Hours Burgenland Extreme has, from its inception, been a fun extreme. Walking, running, crawling – whatever you have to do – around the Neusiedler See lake in the middle of winter is definitely quite crazy. Why? To Live, Love, Move – or More? The intent, though, is just to get people out and […]

Fit Life Advice 3: The Other “How?” of Winter Running – How Intense?

So, you have found your Why of winter running? Or avoided it successfully in favor of the practical How and found your right clothing-microclimate balance? Good job. You should still consider another practical How when you are out there and on the move. How to run in terms of intensity, that is. Winter running often […]

Fit Life Advice 2: Clothing (and Shoes) for Winter Running

The issue with winter running: What do you wear to handle the cold (and deal with slippery surfaces, if you get those)? Or so it seems. Worrying only about handling the cold is, too easily, a way to go wrong. The main question, actually, is how to strike the right balance between the microclimate of […]

Fit Life Advice: Winter Running’s Why. Or How

The cold of winter is a strange thing: Of course it is uncomfortable and not the easiest of conditions to handle. It is also bracing and energizing; it shows our need for a balance that is not static but gives strong impulses, between challenging cold and comfortable warmth. Winter is also the time when many […]

Let’s Talk Fit Life…

Fitness cannot only be understood as two hours of training a week, it has to be a state and a process that shows across daily life. It serves not just for one aspect of a life – to lose weight, to gain muscle,… – it is an improvement in quality of life and usefulness. The […]

A Road of Temples in Kyoto…

In the center of Kyoto, you can find Nishiki Market, Shijo Dori road with lots of shops and major department stores such as Daimaru and Takashimaya… a lot of busy-ness and business. In the middle of that, if you are not completely enveloped in the shopping mindset, you may notice a shrine.

Icebug Now4 Review – Bomb (Cyclone) Sneakers

Sneakerhead I am none, more of the techwear-inclined: I like clothing that performs, in looks as well as function. Shoes for that are actually somewhat hard to find. Icebug with their Now4 sneakers is a good find also for that, not just for running… [Full disclosure: They were provided to me by the company, for […]

A Strange Day in Kyoto: Honpo-ji, the Kyoto Botanical Garden, (Nishiki Market) and Gion

Have you ever found yourself in a city for a visit, wanting to get the most of your time but not just run after the usual must-see sights (again) – and ended up with a day that was immensely dissatisfying, yet ultimately full of discoveries? That was the day after my tour across Kyoto which […]

7+ Must-See Kyoto Temples in a Day

Sightseeing shouldn’t be a marathon race. Sometimes, in between exploratory days to just see what can be found by chance, on errant walks, it can be nice to check off the must-see places. It was actually by chance that I ended up doing a sweep across Kyoto, from one famous temple to the next, during […]