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The second country abroad in which I lived, the place that started me on the path ‘at home’, and a fascinating edge case in Europe

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Spent a few days in Riga, Latvia, recently (just before the Bergmarathon) with people from Arche Noah and Pro Specie Rara for a Grundtvig project to exchange experiences with eco-agriculture and such. Will have to see about a little report on that, for one or the other of my blogs/sites, but wanted to share these photos, anyways. Why? Well, if you want to

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When I was in Riga, Latvia as a Campus Europae exchange student (2007-2008), I took up running seriously. It was somewhat therapeutic, as my usual lifestyle clashed with that of the majority of “party students” there rather seriously, and I needed something to blow off steam. Not only that, though. Running, and particularly running long-distance, was something I discovered to be not only

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