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Being based in Europe, it’s the wider part of the world I aim to make myself at home in, the greater context that is my main example – and the area sometimes explored and presented

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You go to Firenze (Florence), Italy, even to run in a marathon, one of the reasons you’ll go is the art (and the food, and perhaps the language). Having been to Florence already a few times, and with the city’s must-see sights such as the Duomo and the Uffizi Galleries thronging with tourists, I just walked and kept my eyes open. And beside

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Making yourself at-home isn’t always  a local pursuit. Places farther away have had their influence… none so more than Rome when it comes to the history of Europe. So, its fascination remains – and I went there for the Rome Marathon and my review of the Suunto Kailash. A little adventuring and almost work, in other words. The fascination remains, in the view

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