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Austria’s my native country, so of course it’s my main example of a place to make oneself – the place where I’m looking to make myself – at home

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An opportunity taken, the familiar landscape of the Höllengebirge seen from a different perspective…   Going to the Traunsee, up to the Feuerkogel – given how often I’ve been there, it seems like a walk around the neighborhood. We don’t usually know our neighborhoods quite as well, aren’t as fully at home in them as we’d like to think, though – and when

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May 1 has been a while ago, but with an annual activity in a not-prominent but interesting place, I’m still thinking of the little at-home-making adventuring I did around that time. Not likely a place/organization that many non-Austrians have heard of, Arche Noah (which translates as Noah’s Ark) in Schiltern, Lower Austria, is basically our version of a Native Seeds/Search. In a former

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