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We give in to simple urges even as we keep talking of “my body” as if that were something other than what we are. Reality is bodily. At home is in the body.

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The case that got me thinking about individual experience and the need for some “self-experimentation” – see my post on The N = 1 of Life Advice – came almost literally from a case… From samples of Pure Encapsulation’s Daily Immune (Immune Active, as it’s called in Europe) supplement, that is. Supplements in the form of multivitamins had, not that long ago, been

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St. John’s Day, as in: Midsummer Day, the day of the summer solstice, is almost upon us. It will be the time for mountain solstice fires again, then, and fittingly for both that day and climate change, St. John’s Wort has just come into bloom here, already. Having looked towards FKT as “fully known trails / terrain,” I have reason to look back

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