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Route display on Ambit2

Suunto Ambit2 Review – Lessons in Tech-Psychology…

As much as I write about various ways of getting and making oneself (more) at home in this world, it is definitely my Suunto reviews and similar posts that are garnering the most attention.

New additions to what has now become the Ambit family have just recently been released, so it’s definitely time for new reviews… and after the nice 100k on the Alpannonia, some 25-30 km training runs, bike-run-bike combos, and even a few swimming sessions (which aren’t normally my thing, but since there are new swimming functions…), I feel quite ready for them.

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Suunto Ambit. Route created in Movescount (left) and actually run (right)

Addendum: Links/Materials for the Suunto Ambit FW1.5 post

In my last post, I already pointed to videos showing how to create and use a route with Suunto’s Ambit GPS watch. For those interested in a bit more of the data, rather than the life-philosophy background provided there, some pointers:

The route created “for illustration” can be found here; the “move” made during that time may not be too interesting when it comes to the physiological data collected, but the route as it was recorded may be of interest… it is here on Movescount.

You can also just stay here, though:

Suunto Ambit. Route created in Movescount (left) and actually run (right)

Suunto Ambit. Route created in Movescount (left) and actually run (right)

Remember that I turned off the navigation after waypoint 10 and chose my own path again; hence the completely different track on the way back. Fun note: looking at the track from close up, you can see that I typically ran on the left side of the road, and you could easily find out at what points “close to the autobahn” I stopped to record the parts of the video showing the different screens/displays that were used.

If you stumbled upon this post searching for more detailed information about the Ambit, refer back to my last post and the videos there for a look at the navigation function, or go to the full review that I did as the Ambit was still at firmware 1.0.7 (where navigation functions were still a sore point).

Suunto Ambit. Navigation in Action.

Navigate Me – GPS Tech, Tools, and the Suunto Ambit @FW1.5

GPS is a technology, along with heart rate analysis, that fascinates me.

As argued before, I think that what it offers us are great tools to use as symbols of our place(s) in this world and tools for their further exploration.

Suunto’s Ambit (see earlier review here) has recently been updated

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Suunto Ambit: Graphic Display of HR

Suunto Ambit Review @FW v1.0.7 – AMBITion (Un)Fulfilled

The Ambit, Suunto’s latest and greatest GPS watch/sports instrument, has now accompanied me for more than a month of training as well as through the Vienna City Marathon – and the next marathon is in two days – making it high time for a first review.

“A first review” may sound a bit strange, but for this “GPS for Explorers,” that is exactly what it will be.
After all, the watch’s software is currently at version 1.0.7, which came out soon after the official release of the watch, but the next, v1.5, update “to be launched in [end of] May 2012” is already in the pipeline (see below). Plans are for a version 2.0 to come out in October of this year and bring yet another, even more in-depth, upgrade of the Ambit’s features.
In other words: a second and third review will likely be in order this year…

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Suunto Ambit and Suunto Core comparison

Suunto Ambit “GPS Core + Training”

[Last update: 02/02/2012. Suunto Ambit & Suunto Core comparison]

Talking about a product announcement is not something I usually do, but you may have noticed that I have quite an interest in sports technology that connects body and location… So, let me mention a few things currently known about Suunto’s new GPS watch, which actually looks quite like a watch, the Ambit.

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Suunto Quest Black

A (Suunto) Quest in the Cloud [Review]

Quite a while after the release of the t6 and its gradual updates (to t6c and t6d) – which I think are reason to like Suunto in these tough times – it’s about time a new sports instrument oriented (more) towards the top users came out. Witness the Quest, the latest in Suunto‘s lineup of training instruments… Following my interest in (good things for) running – after all, a good way of making oneself “at home” – I’m presenting an in-depth Suunto Quest review, based on a few months of testing it:

Suunto Quest Black

Suunto Quest Black

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Run in the Cold

Long Running – and Still With a t6-series Suunto

Run in the ColdMy return to Austria gave me pause, for example seeing how many pieces of running clothes I thought I had, and actually do have.
It also provided a chance to test some new equipment, the Suunto Quest sports/training instrument. Having something new to try out had the interesting side-effect of making me all the more aware of the old and trusted…

Given how much being at home somewhere – not least, with stuff, in our bodies and in our environment – is a matter of how we deal with that stuff, view and treat our bodies, live in the places we are, outdoor sports and equipment is an issue I pay great attention to.

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Comparison of data in Movescount - Quest vs. t6c/d

Running Measures

Moving, as the body you are, in the surroundings you are in, is one of the simplest things, and yet one of the most effective and manifold ways of really coming to live in this world.

Depending on where you focus your attention, you learn more about yourself and your abilities – physical, mental, and in the fascinating interplay between the two – or about the place you make your(self at) home, its geography and cycles of time. It is equally as beneficial for just getting into flow and forgetting, as it is for thinking about so many of the issues we face. Among those, the proper balance between observation and documentation, and simple experience.

Recently, the “Quantified Self”-movement of people who track certain parameters of their life has been gaining a lot of attention, e.g. in the Financial Times “Attack of the Body Hackers.”

Given new tools/toys and ubiquitous computing, it has become easier to track a lot more – to the point where taking photos of what you eat can reasonably well document what amount of calories you ingested (read here, for example). It’s not completely new, though.

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