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Materialism and consumption are much criticized, but even our minds are matter, if matter in need of a better grip on its relationship with stuff

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You spent a few hundred on a shiny new sports watch, you’ll probably want to use it to the best of its, and your, abilities. After my Suunto Ambit3 “manual”, I’m starting to produce the same kind of manual / how-to for the Suunto Spartan (Ultra) – only better. If you’re here just for quick help with (a) Spartan functionality, just continue below.

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Last year, making some regular money again and with a view towards a summer trip to China (to celebrate our wedding there, with the Chinese family, finally…), I decided to spring for Arc’teryx Veilance’s Voronoi pants in their light summer version. These Voronoi pants have been changed from their earlier cotton-nylon material, which seemed the same as the material used in the cargo

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a.k.a., A Review of the Black Yak Combat Shirt and Notes on My Fascination with this Brand I have mentioned Black Yak some times before, but it is only now that I really want to talk about them. About a product of theirs, the Combat Shirt, and the fascination this company provides in the world of technical / performance clothing…