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Of Sweat, Sweets, and Self

When you sweat, it’s you that sweats; when you enjoy something sweet, it’s you tasting and enjoying it. Isn’t it? We often think and speak as if we were truly just the conscious part...

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Eating Realities

Eating is one of the most basic of activities for any animal – and it is one of the most complex things for us. All too often, unfortunately, it’s also one of the activities...

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Object Lessons in (Non-)Sexist Behavior

Better to be looked over than overlooked? Discussions about sexism, feminism, rape culture, what-not, have been raging, rhetoric gets as heated as opinions get strong – but there’s a fundamental disconnect.

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Everyday Fitness: The Perfect Diet

Diet, one’s way of eating, is a major factor of everyday enjoyment, everyday fitness, the everyday ecology of our living at home in this world – and oh-so-many of the problems we increasingly face,...