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Dampfbad - Steam Bath

Of Sweat, Sweets, and Self

When you sweat, it’s you that sweats; when you enjoy something sweet, it’s you tasting and enjoying it. Isn’t it? We often think and speak as if we were truly just the conscious part of ourselves – and it’s a fundamental and consequential way we


Eating Realities

Eating is one of the most basic of activities for any animal – and it is one of the most complex things for us. All too often, unfortunately, it’s also one of the activities that are most ‘virtualized,’ at a remove from reality.


Object Lessons in (Non-)Sexist Behavior

Better to be looked over than overlooked? Discussions about sexism, feminism, rape culture, what-not, have been raging, rhetoric gets as heated as opinions get strong – but there’s a fundamental disconnect.

On the scale

Everyday Fitness: Forget Weight, Follow Function

The one and only sign of fitness generally fussed about is weight. Oh no, I weigh too much. I must lose weight. It’s one of those “simplets” where we pick a number and obsess about it because it becomes our reality. Hell, it even sounds

Chinese Mise-en-Place

Everyday Fitness: The Perfect Diet

Diet, one’s way of eating, is a major factor of everyday enjoyment, everyday fitness, the everyday ecology of our living at home in this world – and oh-so-many of the problems we increasingly face, in terms of the world’s ecological functioning for us as well

Hong Kong Island Skyline at Night

Trouble on the Hong Kong Trail

If there are no pictures shared online, did it really happen? The question tends to be asked jokingly, making fun of both the philosophical pondering about the sound of a falling tree in a forest when no one’s around to hear it and of the

Zander (pikeperch), Pannonian style...

Salt, Sugar, Fat: Processed Foods and the Body’s Intelligence

Just finished reading Michael Moss’ “Salt, Sugar, Fat” recently. Fascinating book, that. It’s basically a story of people doing what they found themselves having an interest in and getting hired for: to understand the appeal of foods and create better food products. “Better,” however, as


Everyday Fitness: Move for Training, Train for Movement

When people do something for their fitness, it’s typically for a very distinct aim: losing weight, getting into (a certain) better shape, running a marathon, bench-pressing a certain weight. As in the case of weight, goals can be helpful, and observations of progress (trends) even