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Clouds Driven Up the Mountain

Backtracking from the Grossglockner

The Suunto Ambit2 (my tool of choice for an exploratory lifestyle to get at home) gets trackback – and sometimes, the power you need most is that to turn right back around My plans for this year’s running had included quitting with races and just

"Just drive to the end of the concrete road..."

You Have Arrived At Your Destination…?

With globalization, virtualization, and all those things supposed to have been making the world a flat global village in which places don’t matter because it’s all the same everywhere, we’ve been seeing the return of geography, with a vengeance. We supposedly know everything about every

Walking during the Kirchdorf Über-Drüber-Marathon

Everyday Fitness: If You Can’t Run, Then Walk

A year ends, a new year starts, gym memberships go up – but it’s not the solution, it’s perhaps a part of the “disease” that we think we need fitness centers for our health and fitness. And no, it doesn’t necessarily take running, either. Of


Full (Vienna) Circle Into the New Year

How do you make yourself at home where you are, as you are, but with growth and learning? For me, in 2012, this was very much about physical activity around the places where I live. Often enough, truly around, seeing how I usually run in


Race #4: The Linzer Bergmarathon, a Phenomenology of Pain

Saturday, August 25 saw me at the mountain marathon in and around Linz (Linzer Bergmarathon). It brought to a close the mountain marathon cup in Upper Austria, the set of three mountain ultramarathons I participated in this summer – and where Paul Auster describes his

Running Alpine Paths

Finding Myself on the Path to Hell…

… and the way is up, because it’s the Höllkogel (“hell peak”) I’m talking about, and it’s the path to better. The backs of my hands hurt. You can see a distinct line where the shirt began, and find another color again on my palms.