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Impressionen aus Beijing

Sonnenaufgang, Beijing
DAAD OrtslektorenseminarDAAD Ortslektorenseminar

Bin sehr froh es hierher geschafft zu haben; schon alleine zu hören und zu diskutieren, was andere so unterrichten, für Erfahrungen haben, ist überaus interessant… mehr wenn ich etwas Zeit und falls ich Lust dazu habe ;-)

Chinese Auditorium

Chinese education leads to narrow career paths [Global Times commentary]

Global Times, Nov. 1, 2009

Update: Later, this article even made it into the Chinese edition (translated, of course – and not by me)… kinda funky.

Chinese and foreign commentators, often at odds with each other, are of one mind when it comes to China’s younger generation.

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On Inter-Cultural Relationships [Global Times commentary]

“Cultures are often more alike than they seem, ” Global Times, Sep. 24, 2009

Recently, the opinion pages of the Global Times have seen a lot of debate over such thorny issues as the relationships between older Western men and young Chinese women, and the tricky subject of living together before marriage.

Relationships, especially families, form the basis of society, and so it’s no wonder that they draw a lot of attention, especially in a rapidly changing society like China’s.

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Bacon with Onion Greens and Chilli, the Chinese way

Chinese Food Culture [Global Times commentary]

Challenge of preserving Chinese food culture, Global Times, July 21, 2009

“Have you got used to the food?” After “Where are you from?,” this is the most common question for foreigners in China.

Food is an essential element of Chinese culture, and people know that strangers may like it, but also find it hard to manage. This is mirrored by friends and relatives outside of China asking if one finds enough decent things to eat. Attitudes toward Chinese food go along the lines that it is very strange and hard to get used to, but it is also an expression of China’s long history and diversity.

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China’s education system… [Global Times commentary]

China’s education system: good for communication and creativity?, Global Times, July 2, 2009

Much is being said about China’s education system. Whether gaokao is the best – or at least fairest – system possible or a way to test nothing but nerves and rote memory; how education supposedly destroyed rather than promoted creativity; or simply how the students were too passive and lax.

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Traveling in times of A (H1N1) flu [Global Times commentary]

Global Times, June 29, 2009

The flu is never a joking matter, yet it is easy enough to make fun of seemingly exaggerated measures when one is just sitting at home. Seen through the PC screen, this pandemic pales in comparison to what disaster movies make us think a pandemic should be like. Getting on an airplane in times like this brings the issue much closer, and makes some things appear in a different light.

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Patrolling the Internet [Global Times commentary]

Different approaches on patrolling the Internet, Global Times, June 18, 2009

The announcement that PCs sold in China after July 1 will have to include “Green Dam” Internet filtering software has caused a lot of reactions, both in China and abroad. Of course, some of the fears raised abroad are the usual ones, of a China that is trying to control its citizens too much.

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China’s Climate Change Opportunity [Global Times commentary]

Another commentary of mine published in the Global Times: China’s Climate Change Opportunity

On the occasion of the “China and Global Climate Change” conference I’m participating in, at Lingnan University in Hong Kong, today and tomorrow – and it even made it into their “Top Stories” links…

Full text below the fold:

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Time to build up the reputation of Chinese brands [Global Times commentary]

Global Times, May 14, 2009

Walking through shopping areas in China is an interesting experience. There is a combination of brands that is quite peculiar. What one does not find elsewhere, and what catches the foreigner’s eye most, are those labels that try to look like a Western brand, but obviously aren’t.

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