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We are looking for success in this world, however we define it, but we have been forgetting about the way it has to fit into the world and arise out of these connections.

Well, we like clear answers.

up-trendFrom economics, for whole countries and the world, GDP is the sign of success.
For companies, profit is the ultimate measure of success.
For individuals, the higher the income, the more that can be bought and done, the higher the perceived success.

Success, however, is but a word, so we need to fill it with meaning.

Answering the strive for success with answers like the above, we look at complex problems and see answers that are clear, simple – and wrong (as H.L. Mencken famously commented about all complex problems and their assumed solutions).

My educational and consulting practice is focused on success in its ecological context.

Defining success, not in simple and ultimately wrong ways, but in terms of its embeddedness in life and the world, not only makes it more true to reality.
It also finds the synergies that make it possible to achieve more than just single and, all too often, quite meaningless goals, but create multiply desirable outcomes.

For example, products that work well for longer may not contribute as nicely to single quarter sales.
Good communication of their uses may incur additional costs.
The connections between brand value gained from product quality and a company behavior that is perceived as excellent, alongside customer satisfaction and willingness to pay higher prices, brand loyalty, as well as social sharing / word-of-mouth marketing effects to be gained from that, however, are likely to more than make up for higher up-front costs in long-term success.

For countries, it’s not without reason that there have recently been initiatives for changing from GDP to alternative measures which consider natural resources and ecosystem services as well as people’s actual well-being.

Running among the Ramps
Forest foraging while running, just one way to connect things…

For the individual person, there is a plethora of such possibilities.
A lifestyle of more diverse home-made food (no matter how strong the anti-elitist outcry about it) and greater physical activity, for example, may require more effort and investment: One has to actually cook and to move more.
Making the time for that, which can be done intelligently, is not just good for comfort and immediate enjoyment (which it can, when well done, contribute to).
It is also good for long-term health and fitness, a reduced negative impact on the world, and a sense of self-efficacy and real influence on one’s life.

So, if you want to know…

  • where success that is not just measured in quarterly sales awaits,…
  • how happiness fits into this world and can be achieved through these connections,…
  • what a good life that is really lived in this world looks like,…

get in touch!

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