Behind the Scenes at Suunto, 2: Interview with Antti Kujala, Head of Design

This was fun.

For all the Spartan-related answers you’ve been waiting for, or at least the ones that Suunto wants to have public right now, you’ll have to wait a little longer yet.
Post 3 in this series will have my interview with Mikko Moilanen, CEO of Suunto. (Don’t wait for that on Youtube; it had to become a text-only interview.)…

[Update, Nov. 10, 2016: Unfortunately, Suunto has asked me to delay the interview. They are throwing everyone and the kitchen sink at the issues with the Spartan right now (my words, not theirs) and would rather focus on that as a priority. Not what I’d have hoped for, but at least I can tell you that they are taking things seriously and doing all they can. Less talk, more action…]

Antti Kujala, Suunto’s Head of Design, however, I was permitted to get in front of my camera(s).

We talked a bit about the design language and design process that has been informing Suunto’s latest products, not least the Spartan…

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