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Suunto Ambit(3 – and Traverse) Manual +3: Deleting Logbook

A question that keeps coming up about the recent Suunto devices (Ambit line and Traverse) is how you can delete the logbook.

What logbook?

There are actually two logbooks on an Ambit or a Traverse: a logbook of ‘moves’ (activities) you have recorded and a “navigation” logbook of the tracks recorded. Most of the time, they are basically the same since a ‘move’ includes a GPS track recording.

However, they needn’t be the same since you could record an indoors training session which will be used for showing recovery time on an Ambit, or you could record a hike’s track, but not the physiological data for it, just the track (if you don’t use the HR belt with your Ambit, let alone a Traverse).

That there are these two logs is important in order to understand why the question of how to delete them is a rather bad one: They are being used for things like recovery data, as well as for the tracks which one could navigate along (use as routes), as long as their log is still on the device.

So, they should be there, and stay there. How they get off?

Circular Memory

Also, why you can’t delete individual logs is because you don’t need to.

The memory is now circular, so the oldest log gets overwritten as a new one – like, the one you are doing at the moment, if you are – gets recorded.

You should have the older logs uploaded to Movescount, anyways, while not getting a log of a new ‘move’ is really annoying ;)

If you must delete the logs, you can wipe the whole logbook by forcing a firmware update (hook your device up to your computer/Moveslink, right-click the Movescount symbol in the taskbar and choose “force firmware update”). Not really recommended, but possible:

Any more questions? Feel free to ask


    • Asaf on 2016/03/14 at 19:04


    I think one scenario can make deleting relevant: You want to reset the watch after a change in your fitness. If as you say logbook influences recovery estimation, then you need more recovery after a long period without working out.

      • Gerald on 2016/03/14 at 20:18
      • Author


      Except that the watch takes into account how long ago the ‘ move’ was. It could make a difference, yes, but in the case you describe, the bigger influence would be that you should change your training level (in the movescount settings)

    • writeonly on 2016/05/15 at 21:51


    Thanks for digging into logbooks. I have the reverse problem! Data exists in the logbook that isn’t being uploaded / moved / synced. I can see the run, but not access it! This has happened to me 2x / 55 moves, and 2 / 10 when I have a pause :) My guess is that somehow, Movescount mobile doesn’t believe it’s a valid gps track and won’t upload (for some reason). Any ideas about more directly accessing the logbook and what is actually in there? Is it a whole track?


      • Gerald on 2016/05/16 at 14:11
      • Author


      Upload issues usually happen when there’s something wrong with Movescount or in the communication with it (or so it seems). Unfortunately, that’s an issue for Suunto support. Trying to get at the data any other way is pretty much impossible when it’s been synced (or should have been synced) via the app and only slightly less complicated when the sync was done on a computer… So, no good chances of recovering that, unless Movescount somehow decides to play nice after all…

    • Antonis on 2017/01/04 at 15:34


    hi i have a question
    when i received my suunto ambit3 spots i deleted all the sports from the watch so as to create mine. but now i want to restore them, can someone tell me how? or give me the settings so as to create the sports from start?

      • Gerald on 2017/01/04 at 20:51
      • Author


      If I remember right, the “restore default values” on Movescount still does *not* change the sports modes back to default, only other settings. So, like you said, you’d have to get the original settings from someone who hasn’t changed them… I may still have some of them unchanged, but I’m not sure.

      Honestly, I think it might be best just not to bother to return to original; just set them some sensible way. (If you really must, it might work if you reset the watch to factory, register some other email address of yours on Movescount, then connect the watch to that new account and let it sync… but then, if you wanted to connect it back with your account, you’d first have to change the modes as they are on the watch at that time, I assume…)

        • Antonis on 2017/01/05 at 15:09


        can you suggest sports settings for

        outdoor running
        treadmill running

        sea swimming
        pool swimming

        outdoor cycling

        I have deleted the default sports and i am not happy with my profiles.

    • Mickk on 2017/04/07 at 12:05


    I know it might sound silly, but is there a way to find not saved move in the Ambit3 watch memory?

      • Gerald on 2017/04/07 at 16:45
      • Author


      Nah, that is gone, for all practical intents and purposes

        • Dave on 2017/04/09 at 01:52


        Gerald, so if I finish an activity and accidentally delete it vs saving because I hit the wrong button – there is no way of getting that activity restored or recovered from the watch memory? I am trying to recover an epic 50 mile run that I did this with! Thanks.

          • Gerald on 2017/04/10 at 06:33
          • Author


          Ouch, I see why you’d really want to find a way. I’m still afraid there’s no way. (I don’t know if the watch completely purges the data from memory when one hits “Save”-“No” or still would technically have it in memory, but that wouldn’t make it any better, either.)

          There’s a reason Suunto makes you change the button you need to press to delete / not save rather than save a ‘move’… And I must say, I find it somewhat ironic to get that sort of question now. It used to be (IIRC) that everything would just be saved, also in case it was needed for navigating (back) along the route just recorded, but then too many people wanted a way to quickly delete a ‘move’. Suunto obliged…

    • Nicky on 2017/04/26 at 00:09


    Hi Gerald,
    I have a 4.5 hour run/move in my logbook from 08/04/2017 on my Ambit 3 that won’t sync to movescount. The first sync attempt was with my iPhone 6 so i can’t search for the file on that. I have contacted Suunto and am waiting to hear what the tech analysts can do to help. I will be doing a 5 and 4 hour run (total 9 hours) over the weekend and I’m worried the file will be overwritten. Is there any way of pulling/saving the datafiles to my macbook or windows laptop? I have been told the tech analysts are all on a training course this week so trying to sort the problem myself!

      • Gerald on 2017/04/27 at 18:56
      • Author


      Sorry about the late-ish reply. Doesn’t sound like enough time for the log to get overwritten already, so at the very least, there’s hope for that. The app was also supposed to store logs locally, but somehow if/how that really worked never got clarified completely. And there isn’t really anything more I can say, I’m afraid. Fortunately, that issue happens rarely enough – but it’s all the more annoying when it does…

    • Craig on 2017/07/17 at 23:06


    I had a 50 mile race over the weekend that would not sync via the Movescount app. I hooked my Ambit3 Peak up to my PC to sync there. It saved the data to 100%, but sync only made it to 28% before it said there was a mandatory firmware update. I know updating the firmware erases the watch memory, so I cancelled. Is there any way to sync this Move before I update the firmware?

      • Gerald on 2017/07/21 at 15:12
      • Author


      Sorry about the late reply; was just traveling. It’s strange; the sync of the moves from the logbook should finish (perhaps in the background?) for sure before a firmware update is made (and better still, before it even gets suggested)… Did things work out for you?

        • Craig on 2017/07/21 at 15:34


        Not yet. I have a ticket in with Suunto. They couldn’t help me over the phone so they sent the issue to the engineering team. Still waiting…

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