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The Suunto Ambit(3) Manual, Part 1: Basic Functions

How well (I think) the Ambit3 is working is what I talked about in part 1 and part 2 of my review of that device.

Part 3, less of a review than the (missing) manual, has been taking its time, and it will be longer yet until I get finished with it, but I want to get started showing you how to get the most out of this connecting – and now, as Suunto has it, connectedtool.

So, here goes:

Basic Functions as an (Outdoors) Watch


1: Time Mode Displays

Note that these are similar all through the Ambit family, but with some differences between Ambit, Ambit2, Ambit2S and Ambit2R, as well as Ambit3 Peak and Ambit3 Sports.

2: Setting Up Time Mode Displays

Especially on the Ambit3 Peak, you are not stuck with having the time mode show exactly those displays/functions seen above. No, you can turn just about all of them on/off individually (except for the time display itself).

You cannot yet customize the single displays, though. (I’m just mentioning that because I have seen people ask about it.)

3: Notifications & User-Defined Shortcuts

The Ambit3 went a step towards being a smartwatch, at least in interacting with a smartphone app and showing the notifications from the smartphone. (Beep and display only, no vibration alarm – also often asked about.)

Set up what notifications you want to get on your smartphone (in general). Or just remember that this is a tool for the outdoors and training, not for any and all notifications ;)

4: Display of Planned Moves

Set up planned moves or training plans on the Movescount website, get training guidance on the Ambit (2 or 3). Here, just a note on what that display looks like, since it gets added to the time mode displays. (More details on how to plan ‘moves’ coming soon.)

Part 2: Navigation Functions

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    How do I get the year displayed on the main time screen with the date… for example… YYYY:MO:DD on top row… then HH:MM:SS on second row… and WEEKDAY & Battery Life on 3rd Row?

      • Gerald on 2017/03/03 at 20:16
      • Author


      You don’t, I’m afraid. Suunto just hasn’t set it up to show the year…

    • Helmi on 2017/06/30 at 23:42


    Thank you for your very helpful manuals!

    Is it possible to “repair” the step counter for the ambit 3? mine is always very wrong (e.g., 7000 when it should be 4000).

      • Gerald on 2017/07/01 at 14:05
      • Author


      Not really. There’s no calibration factor or anything. You could try gesticulating less or wear the watch on your belt :-p

    • Helmi on 2017/07/09 at 18:51


    Thank you for that quick reply! I have another question, how can I change the GPS accuracy? There is no real description in the manual. I am asking because for longer trips there are breaks (sometimes long ones) within the documentation of speed, altitude, etc. Is that normal?

    • Helmi on 2017/07/09 at 19:00


    Okay, I already found out how to change the settings :-) I had used the best GPS accuracy. Still, I am worried about the breaks in the documentation, do you have any similar experiences? I have the feeling that the total distance is measured correctly, though.

  2. Reply

    How do you change the other time zone displayed on the main (clock) screen? Also, mine currently lists steps on the third data field as well, which yours did not. Is there a way to change this? Thanks.

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