how to really #GetAtHome in this world

“Train Transect” #2, China: HSR from Shenzhen to Changsha

As I said before, it can be a veritable lesson in getting at home in a place to simply take the train and look out the window at the landscape rolling by. Nowhere more so than in China…

… where these impressions were captured on the journey from Shenzhen (neighboring city to Hong Kong, in Guangzhou province) to Changsha (in Hunan province, neighboring city to Xiangtan, where I had worked for 3 years, and Youxian, where my wife is from).

So, look below the fold, join the journey, see what China is like – and don’t forget to learn yourself, from the books and the experiences ;)

Learn the World by Train

Learn the World by Train

The landscape change on this trip isn’t the greatest. Yet, there are some noticeable differences between the South and the South-Central, there are some fascinating areas one passes by, impressions of both the urbanizing China and the countryside are gained – and the contrasts aren’t just stark because oft the difference between country and city, but all the stronger because one sits in a high-speed rail train that is nicely climatized, smooth and quiet, looking out at farmers hunched over in their rice paddies, knee-deep in the fertile muck…

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