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The Liebstattsonntag in Gmunden

Gingerbread in Lent?

May seem strange, but in the Salzkammergut, for Laetare, the fourth Sunday of Lent, it’s the tradition. On that day, the so-called Liebstattsonntag, good Christians originally had received permission to “show their love” for their brethren by feeding the poor, a custom that later changed into the exchange of gingerbread hearts as show of thanks for loved ones.

Normally, as you may notice, I rather like to write philosophically (and, I hope, practically) and very nearly wax lyrically, but a part of making oneself at home is getting to know places one lives – and a part of these places, for me, is the area around the Traunsee lake where this festival is celebrated.

So, I invite you to have a look around, too.

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