Xiangtan Impressions

Into Xiangtan. Roadside Impressions From the Bus

Xiangtan, Hunan, China, one of the three “sister cities” of Changsha (also the province’s capital), Zhuzhou and Xiangtan. From the end of summer 2008 to the beginning of summer 2011, I worked as German teacher at Xiangtan University – and still hadn’t put up too many of the pictures I took there. Time to give more of an impression…

4 thoughts on “Into Xiangtan. Roadside Impressions From the Bus

  1. Wow. It looks like the glitz and glamour of Shanghai and Beijing have left Hunan behind. These photos remind me of the small ‘city’ in Hubei where I spent time in the 90s, minus most of the cars. At least you can feel good about having lived in the ‘real’ China. That Hyper-Mart was the only modern-looking store in all the photos you posted, and I’m sure it wasn’t all that westernized.

    1. Well, the new mall that bus also went to was a bit more glitzy, and I also didn’t have my cam when there was a Maserati parked in front of one of those stores… ;)

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