Odd Saturday: Rapture Edition

If you want to save lives, maybe you want a life jacket; if it’s the rapture, maybe you want to get busy… and when you get simple things, put into a different context, you may get lots to think about.

Case in point: vending machine on a wall at Changsha’s Hunan University.


#1: China’s sometimes said to be the country with the largest number of English speakers. Judging by Chinglish, especially in translations, it may be English learners, but it’s not English in very recognizable forms that’s actually common…

#2: My hometown, Vienna, is now finally getting public transport announcements in more than just German, our native language… China’s had a fascination with English for a while (and in public transport, it’s pretty okay to near-perfect)

#3: For a country that people (read: foreigners) still believe to be prudish to the point of not even allowing “PDA” (public displays of affection), you can be in for quite a few surprises. As so often, the simple-minded “truths” about other places are misleading, a deeper look is necessary if you want to really know what is (in)appropriate and in what circumstances…

And what's your take?