Odd Saturday: Eden in China

City-Eden-ShoesMaybe I shouldn’t even be calling that odd; advertisements are often strange, after all. When cultural/religious ideas from different places collide in advertisements, there are things that you could let slide, or can wonder about a lot.

The very association of Eden with a city, if you want to think about it…

2 thoughts on “Odd Saturday: Eden in China

  1. These MBT Eden and MBT UK . com webpages may be linked and the first one has caused me great distress and time wasted trying to send back a faulty, ill-sized pair of men’s shoes and get a full refund. Bearing in mind that the Chinese company, MBT Eden in Changsha, China, sent the shoes and declared their value as $10.00, they actually charged me $104.00 and now won’t refund my money. Even if I pay the £15.00 it will cost to send them back, they will only give me a tiny refund of 15%. I am livid and want to warn people off of this disreputable company which has also changed its contact email number. When one complains one gets this automated response and also a more personal and grammatically poorly written one from a Ms A Wong to offer a pittance and comment how trashy it would be for them to receive their faulty goods back at the factory. Has anyone else been in dealings with MBT Eden?

And what's your take?