Beijing Sleepers (6)

Beijing Sleepers

With all the panting about China supposedly having overtaken the USA as the world’s largest economy already, it often sounds as if the Chinese must all be worker bees (on that note, the book recommendation on the right) with nary a minute to catch their breath.

Pagoda, Pigeons, Prayers - Badachu

Badachu, Buddhism in China, and Going Farther

Before I had even finished with my short video-post on new views gained by going farther, I found myself a bit further south those mountains again, and again making myself a bit more at home by going a little farther. It all started off like

It was in these two pieces that I also 'went a little farther'...

A Veilance Dichotomy: Diale Sweater, Cargo Pants

As I said, it’s time for wrapping thoughts about clothing in some examples, and I want to start doing so immediately after I started talking about examples I feel quite at home in: pieces from the Veilance line made by Arc’teryx, otherwise better known as a company making

Enclothed Self Presentation

Arcteryx Veilance. A Wardrobe for All Seasons

One particular “fashion” interest of mine – thinking of Clothe to Home – are pieces that are avant-garde in their materials and qualities, but not too visibly special, let alone fashionable, in their design; made to look timeless (or perhaps rather, fashionless) and, more importantly,

A Dream of Fashion

Clothe to Home

Clothing is a very peculiar thing. It used to be that it was very much of a place and a people, with particular materials only available in particular places or for people of particular social classes, made in ways typical for certain professions and/or peoples.

It was in these two pieces that I also 'went a little farther'...

A Little Farther…

Whether you are in a new place or where you think you’ve been for only too long, there are new views awaiting you if only you go a bit farther. Beyond the paths you – and everyone – takes, there is still more. And it

Activity Today

Fitbitten – Places and Practices for Life-Tracking

Lifetracking, in the use of devices to measure and record data about one’s life, has been on the rise for a while, certainly in terms of media reports and sales numbers. Considering how easily we cheat ourselves into thinking that we are living better or