how to really #GetAtHome in this world


There are many ways we are not really at home in… this world:

But, life doesn’t have to be this superficial way.

Join me in exploring ways we can #GetAtHome and find solutions to this problem we don’t even know we have…

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Rural Hunan. Mao Zedong still watches over...

So, You Want to Travel to China? Prepare and Expect This…

Big problem when you have gone somewhere – even lived there – often and long as I have with China? You forget what it is like when you have decided to go to that strange exotic place for the first time and don’t really know what to expect…

Stelvio Marathon

The Stelvio Marathon. Not Just a “Run to the Magic Pass”

The long-awaited event, the first edition of the Stelvio Marathon, came and went. Two weeks after the Hochkönigman Speed Trail which made me feel ill-prepared, a week after the outdoors pursuits in Liechtenstein which made me feel recovered, there I went.

#PrincelyMoments. Outdoors Activities in Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein. Ever thought of going there for hiking and other outdoors activities? Or do I need to ask if you’ve ever even heard or thought of Liechtenstein for anything? ;)

Liechtenstein Welcome

#GetAtHome Goes Liechtenstein. First Impressions, First Connections

Liechtenstein. As one of Europe’s micro-states, and a principality, it seems a holdover from a time when city-states and fiefdoms were the usual political structures. At the same time, in these times of people looking for leadership figures to give them a sense of security and local structures to give them a clear sense of […]

Hochkönigman Speed Trail on Movescount

Big Experience in a Short Run: The Hochkönigman Speed Trail

Austria’s preeminent figurehead and organizer of trail runs calls, of course you come. Last year, I had gone to the Hochkönigman Trail Running Festival for the Marathon Trail, and ended up also helping interpret the race briefings in English. This year, I had not been planning on coming, but Thomas Bosnjak asked if I wanted […]

Time for Bad Aussee's Narcissus Festival

On a Blue Train, to the Narcissus Festival in Bad Aussee

No need to go to Peru or across Siberia to discover a landscape from the salon coaches of a Blue Train; no need to travel all the globe all the time to discover “exotic” events. Austria, and especially the same area of the Salzkammergut where I have been spending quite some time and showing more […]

Photography Reconsidered: #80Stays with Trey Ratcliff

Photography these days is in a strange place: Everybody snaps so many pictures, they have lost all value. So much is being done in Photoshop, there is little reality anymore. And many photographers are among the most-followed people online.

on the Traunstein

Traunstein Trails: Naturfreundesteig

I’m not actually heading out into the mountains right now, but it’s time to finally show you one of my favorite “trails” there. The idea of showing more of my usual trails in videos actually grew on me last year already… and then I promptly never put up the trail view video of what is […]

Blog in Hand

#SympatexHackathon Functional Jacket 4.0

We go outside to enjoy nature… but let’s admit it , we enjoy more than just nature.