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Hong Kong Market Street Toyland

As an avid explorer of chilli and cuisines, the ChiliCult-ist, I love discovering markets. (There is a whole series on that over on ChiliCult.) This time, around Hong Kong’s North Point, I took the chance not just to document a bit of what’s on offer

... and along the canal

Starting on Beijing City Trails

Yeah, I’m stealing Salomon’s recent term, but it’s true there is a lot to discover everywhere, including in cities, and in the running. Vienna has been one city I discovered a bit better, circling it this way; Riga was a city I ran-see a lot. Now,

On the Hong Kong Trail (Dragon's Back)

The Other Side of Hong Kong Island

Visit a new place, and everything seems new and exciting, and therefore, at least there is engagement with where you now are. Just as the only-too-well-known where we feel we are at home is not really seen anymore because of its familiarity (even as there


The Silence of Sound

“How to really live in this world” is the one thing I aim to explore and explain, but the natural twin to that is a look at how we do make ourselves at home in… wherever we are. Increasingly, that is in cities. Parkour has

On the move...

Joining the International Migrant Workers

It’s a crazy world, where we seek the best decisions, but complexity makes it unlikely we will find anything but bad ones. And also good ones, for as long as we make decisions, we will get new experiences and we will tend to interpret them

The deeper the feeling...

Feeling the Truth

We are said to be in a world that has been disenchanted by science, where the feeling of magic and mystery has been swept aside by the cold hard search for scientific truth – but too many of the “truths” we keep finding in and

Salewa Alpine Speed Jacket

OutDoor Friedrichshafen 2014 Report

You want to make yourself at home in this world, you need to handle the onslaught of stuff and find what’s good for dealing with whatever conditions you find yourself in – and indeed, what helps get into a greater variety of conditions. My involvement

Ambit3 and Movescount app

Suunto Ambit3 Preview

Previews aren’t normally my thing, pseudo-exclusive first looks at products still in beta even less so, but Suunto’s GPS (and) training “wristop computers” have accompanied my path of getting “at home in…” So, having just visited the OutDoor Friedrichshafen, I’ll break the usual rule for