Spirituality at the Curb

China needs a moral core, and it needs religion to gain that, some people argue. I am not convinced, but rather into exploring how people – be they others or us – do or do not make themselves at home, aiming to find how to really live

Alexandra Horowitz, On Looking

Cross-Readings 2: Alexandra Horowitz “On Looking”

Technically, this was not quite as cross a reading as #1, but after “Mastermind” calling on its readers to learn to really observe, á Sherlock Holmes, Alexandra Horowitz’ “On Looking. Eleven Walks with Expert Eyes” / “On Looking: A Walker’s Guide to the Art of


Hong Kong Market Street Toyland

As an avid explorer of chilli and cuisines, the ChiliCult-ist, I love discovering markets. (There is a whole series on that over on ChiliCult.) This time, around Hong Kong’s North Point, I took the chance not just to document a bit of what’s on offer

... and along the canal

Starting on Beijing City Trails

Yeah, I’m stealing Salomon’s recent term, but it’s true there is a lot to discover everywhere, including in cities, and in the running. Vienna has been one city I discovered a bit better, circling it this way; Riga was a city I ran-see a lot. Now,

On the Hong Kong Trail (Dragon's Back)

The Other Side of Hong Kong Island

Visit a new place, and everything seems new and exciting, and therefore, at least there is engagement with where you now are. Just as the only-too-well-known where we feel we are at home is not really seen anymore because of its familiarity (even as there