Beijing Marathon Tiananmen

Airpocalyptic Running – Beijing Marathon 2014

It’s a beautiful sunny day again, the concentration of airborne pollutants makes for an air quality index (AQI) coming in at only around 100… 25 is already considered the upper limit for health concerns, but for Beijing, 100 is very nice. The weekend before last,

Students paying respect, Beijing Confucius Temple

Living in a Land of Confucius

Views of Confucius have always been in a state of flux. Back when the “Asian Tigers” saw their tremendous economic rise, it was Confucian ideals of hard work and obedience that were claimed to be responsible. Nobody was to criticize their political system, for it


The Hub that is Hong Kong

Hong Kong is shopping, Hong Kong is skyscrapers, Hong Kong is the crush of people in … well, most places. It is also, however, lush mountains on the other side of the skyline, spirituality at the curbside, green and wet markets not unlike those in


The Fandom of Life

TV series may well be the new epics, geek passions seem the new “shared ways of life” (read: cultures) that unite people into online communities akin to modern tribes. From sports clubs to cosplay, from nerdy themes to kinky fanfic, and perhaps extending into religions,


Spirituality at the Curb

China needs a moral core, and it needs religion to gain that, some people argue. I am not convinced, but rather into exploring how people – be they others or us – do or do not make themselves at home, aiming to find how to really live

Alexandra Horowitz, On Looking

Cross-Readings 2: Alexandra Horowitz “On Looking”

Technically, this was not quite as cross a reading as #1, but after “Mastermind” calling on its readers to learn to really observe, á Sherlock Holmes, Alexandra Horowitz’ “On Looking. Eleven Walks with Expert Eyes” / “On Looking: A Walker’s Guide to the Art of