how to really live in this world

About “at home in…”


There are many ways we are not really at home in… this world:

Living nomadically, “location independent,” and “sampling” experiences anywhere, with little connection.
Stuck in a place, stuck in a job, and feeling at home just because everything’s always the same.

But, there are also many ways we can live better.

By solutions – or at least, thoughts and experiences that support small steps (which lead to big gains) – to this problem you probably never knew you had, to make yourself at home in…

cultures, the “own” and the “other,” European and Chinese being my personal experience

bodies, the fitness and health and embodied side of life

places, those we are at and those we move through, in travel and running

life, in the philosophizing and the learning, in motion and in the armchair

things, but preferably good ones, especially for connecting techthe enclothed life and the outdoors

Follow me as I learn, and discover alongside…